Modification des règles de l’IAAF

A large number of changes were made to the IAAF Technical
Rules at the 2005 Congress, it being a "technical changes" Congress.
The opportunity was also taken to make further "editorial changes".

Attached is the shorter explanatory memorandum regarding the changes to
the IAAF Competition Rules passed at the recent IAAF Congress in
Helsinki, together with some notes on implementation and related

Please note that the document has been prepared by Mr Brian Roe,
Athletics Australia, Honorary Technical Officer on behalf of the
Athletics Australia Officials’ Commission and takes into account
changes, which may affect state, local and school competitions in

For any further information on the rule changes you should refer to the
full summary of technical changes as distributed by the IAAF.

The Oceania Athletic Association would like to take this opportunity to
acknowledge and thanks Mr Brian Roe and the Athletics Australia
Officials’ Commission for the preparation of this document.

The rules changes can be found here