Programme de l'année RDC Brisbane

Instead of the usual 6 courses run by other RDC's in a calendar year, RDC Brisbane will conduct 9 courses during 2007. In fact as the 2006 IAAF Academy course (Coach Development Director) was held over and took place in February this year, RDC Brisbane will organize a record 10 courses in 2007.

The following courses were approved at the RDC Board Meeting in February, 2007. (Dates may vary due to the availability of Lecturers. Federations will be advised if this occurs.)

1.    Oceania Development Seminar (Gold Coast - AUS), 17 - 19 February
Seminar held in conjunction with Oceania AA Congress

2.    CECS Level 4 - Jumps & Throws (Brisbane - AUS), 13 - 26 May
Level 4 replaces the former Level 2 and this course is open only to those coaches who have passed the former Level 1 course and who gained eligibility to attend the former Level 2 course and those who completed the 2006 Jumps & Throws "Bridging" course.

3.    TOECS Level 1 Lecturers course (Brisbane - AUS), 12 - 17 June
This course is open to eligible Technical Officials from Federations who do not have a qualified TOECS Level 1 Lecturer at present. Successful candidates will qualify as either TOECS or OTOS Lecturers depending on results and the situation in their Federation.

4.    IAAF Academy Course - Elite Coach, sprints & hurdles (Brisbane), 23 - 30 June
The Academy course for 2007 is in the "Elite Coach" strand for the disciplines of Sprints & Hurdles. Coaches who are eligible to attend are those who have passed the former Level 2 course, who are specializing in sprints and hurdles and who have not previously attended an IAAF Academy course

5.    Youth Training Camp (Ostrava - CZE), 7 - 15 July
This camp will precede the World Youth Championships and will be for athletes and coaches from Oceania Island federations who have been selected to compete at these championships. The athletes will live, train and compete under the guidance of a management team appointed by the RDC and Oceania AA but will continue to represent their own Federations in the competition.

6.    Referees, Chief Judges & Starters Seminar (Apia - SAM), 1 - 8 September
This seminar will consist of classroom and practical sessions for local Samoan technical officials and others from Island Federations who are officiating at the South Pacific Games and will include "on-the-Job" mentoring during the Games competition.

7.    Technical Officials Scholarships Pilot course (Brisbane - AUS), 22 - 28 October
A small number of Island Federation Technical Officials will be brought to Brisbane for theory & practical tuition and to work with experienced Australian Officials at a 4 day Major Queensland Schools championship. These Officials will then be "mentored" over the ensuing 12 months. If the pilot course is successful it will be continued in future years.

8.    CECS Level 1 Lecturers course (Brisbane - AUS), 5 - 10 November
This is a new course for those persons in Island Federations who are identified as suitable presenters for the IAAF Kids Athletics programme. Primarily aimed at children aged 7 - 12 years (and also 13 - 15 years), Kids Athletics is a Teams event with the emphasis on Fun. The course attendee will not be a Head Coach but someone involved in a Schools and/or Youth programme who will teach the course in the Federation

9.    CECS Level 2 Pilot course (Brisbane - AUS), 19 November - 2 December
The Level 2 Pilot course is still being developed but will be more technical than Level 1 and is aimed at coaches of athletes aged about 15, 16 & 17 who will continue in Club and school competition. Successful attendees will become CECS Youth Coaches.

RDC Brisbane