Formation OAA

Dear Friends
I am pleased to announce that RDC Brisbane will be conducting 2 Courses
in November/December under the new IAAF CECS (Coaches Education &
Certification System)
*    CECS Level 1 Lecturer’s Course (Youth Coach) to equip lecturers
from Federations to conduct Level 1 courses in their own Federations
(November 23 – 28)
*    CECS II Pilot Course (Club Coach) (December 2 – 15)
Both courses have particular relevance and value to our Oceania Region.
While the timing of the courses may not be ideal for some in view of the
end of the school year, the dates have been determined by the IAAF’s
Member Services Department to fit in with the availability of the IAAF
appointed Lecturers so we are locked into these.
I would like to see all Federations represented at each of these
important courses.
Please read the attached application forms carefully to ensure that your
nominees comply with the requirements and please advise your nominations
by the respective closing dates.
Kind Regards
Reg Brandis
RDC Brisbane