Championnats du Monde Junior Bydgoszcz

All athletes have now completed their events. The final performance was a
highlight with Paseka Fangupo from Tonga breaking the National Junior
Record in the 110m Hurdles according to the Scoreboard (see attached).
I finally got to the city today. Instead of being called the Town of Guests
it should be called the town of "shoe shops" or "banks" or "Catholic
Churches. Never seen so many in anyone small city.
Sight seeing and shopping have become the order of the day as well as
watching selected event finals at the track.
Transport has been excellent. Athletes able to get bus to stadium and then
a tram to the city all for free.Iam the only one who got on the wrong tram.
Had told the athletes they must not be on their own (in 3s or with
Volunteer) at any time so maybe I need to take my own advise.